How to Get New Zealand Tourist Visit Visa from Ottawa

How to Get New Zealand Tourist Visit Visa from Ottawa

Newzealand-Visa-One Click WondersNew Zealand not only operates its High Commission in Ottawa but it also provides its representative offices in Toronto and Vancouver. The basic function of the High Commission is to provide support to its those nationals visiting Canada however it also offers assistance in visa applications to all those tourists who want to see the spectacular views and magnificent scenarios in New Zealand. However, it is an important thing to understand the basic prerequisites and other obligatory conditions before moving towards making an application.

New Zealand High Commission
Address: 99 Bank Street #727, Ottawa, ON K1P 6G3, Canada View Map
Contact: +1 613 238 6097
Visit New Zealand High Commission Website


Visa Exempted Countries

New Zealand allows the citizens of many countries to enter into its region without any visa. All those countries that are listed in the visa waiver countries can be found by clicking the link below.

Click to See Visa Waiver Countries.

Visa Application

Form Now, you need to download visa application form available at the official website of the New Zealand Embassy website. Alternatively, it can be downloaded from the link below.

Click to Download Visa Application Form.

Visa Requirements

New Zealand Embassy has some prerequisites that should be met in order to be eligible for the tourist visit visa.

a)      You should be in good health. Click to see the Parameters of Good Health
b)      Your character should be good. Click to see Parameters of Good Character.
c)       You should have a proper purpose of visit.

If you meet the above mentioned prerequisites, fill out the application form

a)      Completed Application Form.
b)      Visa Fee
c)       Valid passport,
d)      Bank statement.You should have at least NZ $1000 for one month visit.
e)      Two passport size photographs,
f)       Travel documents,
g)      Proof of the hotel booking in New Zealand.
h)      Prepaid self-addressed, stamped return envelope.

Visa Fee

Visa fee is different for the nationals of different countries. Canadian Nationals have to pay $60 by Money Order or Certified Cheque only. Money Order should be made payable to the “Embassy of New Zealand in Ottawa”. All other Nationals can see their fee by visiting the below given link.

Click to Reach Fee Calculator.

Click to See Visa Fee.

Submission of Application

All application should be submitted to the Consular Section of the New Zealand Embassy in Ottawa. These can be submitted in person by postal service. If you send your application by postal service, you should send prepaid, self-addressed, stamped envelope with your application.

Click to Locate Nearest Post Office.

Processing Time and Collection of Visa

Processing Time depends on the type of application. However the standard time for processing of applications is five working days. You can confirm the processing time by making a call to the Consular Section of the Embassy. However, once your visa is issued, you can collect it from the Consular Section. If your application was submitted by postal service, your visa will be sent back to you by mailing service.

Check List

Following are the things you need to check before submission of application. You check that

a)     you have Completed your application form,
b)     your two passport size photographs are attached,
c)     you have added proof of Visa fee,
d)    your passport is Valid,
e)     your bank statement is complete and accurate,
f)     Travel documents are complete,
h)    Prepaid, self-addressed, stamped return envelope,
i)     Proof of character certificate has been provided,
j)     Proof of good health is attached.

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