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Science in Islamic History

Science in Islamic history

Check out How Science has been followed in Islam by the Muslims.
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Most Dangeorus Airports of the World

Princeses Juliana International Airport Most Dangerous Airports

Check out these most Dangerous Airports of the World……

Most Stunning Bob Haistyles

Bob Hairstyle is what the ladies love to make to impress their best man. I beleive these bob styles are among the best ones that can be made to get the maximum attraction.

Extreme Body Arts

You might be Surpise with the Picture but it a body art….What will you call it a weird, Extreme or Insane…Or name it yourself….check out more….Click on the link…

X-Ray Body Art

One by One ATMs in John F Kennedy International Airport New York

John F Kennedy International Aiport New York

John F Kennedy is the busiest International Airport and passenger gateway in North America, which handles more than 1 million people on daily basis. It is among the top 10 busiest Airports in the World. Due to its heavy utilisation, many companies, hotels, restaurants and banks has started their function near and inside the Airport. These businesses fulfil many major needs which also include the need of money, in shape of ATMs. There are about five ATMs located at different terminals of the airport. Here is a one by one list of ATMs in John F Kennedy International Airport New York.

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