Most Dangerous Airports of the World

Most Dangerous Airports of the World

Congonhas-Airport in America

Congonhas Airport, Sao Paulo, Brazil

The Aiport is infamous for its slippary runway which though has caused many acccidents but still an important one.

Princeses Juliana International Airport Most Dangerous Airports

Most Dangerous Airports Princess Juliana Airport

Princess Juliana International Airport commonly known as Sint Maarten International Airport is the only airport in the entire World where you can see, or probably touch the wheels of Airplane while landing just 50 feer above your head.

Most Dangerous Airports svalbard-airport

Svalbard Airport, Longyear, the only airport that has the main landing in Svalbard in Norway. Why this Airport is dangerous?. because Its runway is insulated against the ground to protect it from melting during the summer.  But you need to check that the hanger is frozen into the groud.

Most Dangerous Airports Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport

What makes this Airport Dangerous is that it is sandwitched between the mountains and its lenght is just 300 to 400 meters. In fact the shortest lenght in the World. Juancho E. Irausquin Airport is the only airport on the Caribbean island of Saba.

Most Dangerous Airports Gibralatar Airport

Gibraltar Airport is the only airport in the World that is so close to the population that thye can easily feel the vibration in their buildings. Also the tunway has a main road intersectin it in between. The road travels to Spain.

Most Dangerous Airports Courchevel International Airport

Courchevel ranks is nestled high among the French Alps and considered among the World’s most sophisticated Ski Areas. The best thing about it is the location has its own airport.

Madeira International Aiport

Madeira Interantional Airport Most Dangerous Airports

As the run was short and surrounded by the Mountains and Sea on the other side, the Airport has been extended putting more than 200, towers, each about 70 meters high. The Airport is considered among the most dangerous ones in the World.

Lukla Airport Landing

For decades, the Lukla Airport has been the gateway to the Khumbu Region and Mount Everest but the airport at 9,000 feet uphill runway that is fenced off at the end can be psychologically upsetting.

Ice Runway America Station Antartica

It is an airport on the ice. McMurdo Station is a U.S. Antarctic research center located on the southern tip of Ross Island. Runway is set out on the permanent sea ice that is about 12 feet think.


  1. I came accross a new list that states how only few pilots have been trained to fly and land on these most dangerous airports in the world.

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