Most Terrible Space Disasters

Challenger, January 28, 1986

It was the first space disaster of USA. In this accident some people were killed. After this disaster the program was quickly redesigned.

The expert discovered the main fault in O Ring seal. The seal had allowed hot gasses from the rocket which became the cause for destroy of Challenger. Due to hot gasses the emergency oxygen system totally failed.

Challenger, January 28, 1986 Disaster

Space is a geographical area of the world which is located at very height near to sky. In that area oxygen gas is not found that’s why nobody can’t go there without oxygen cylinders.

Scientists make different space shuttles to discover things in space that are helpful for experiments. Most scientists and engineers of Russia and USA fly for the space missions.

Some tasks were completed by the pilots but some were create very danger situation for the workers and may cause loosing of their golden lives. You should see the big disasters of space missions and learn from them to solve the critical problems that became big cause for disasters.

Columbia, February 1, 2003

Columbia, February 1, 2003 Disaster

It was the first USA space Shuttle that made a flight around the Earth. This space shuttle had done 27 missions successfully, but in the mission of 28th it was destroyed and became cause of human deaths.

After completion of investigation, the fault was discovered by the experts. The fault was created in explosion was down that was peeled away on liftoff before the date of maturity.

Soyuz 11, June 30, 1971

Soyuz 11, June 30, 1971 Disaster

It is a space craft that has reached successfully at the first space station of the world. This is the first disaster which became the cause of human deaths in space or in the very height.

That accident was happed because of spacecraft opened in the space. Three important engineers were killed in this disaster.

Nedelin disaster, October 24, 1960

Nedelin disaster, October 24, 1960

It is a great disaster which gave a big loss to Soviet government. The government has recovered the situation in 1989 by putting large efforts.

The Nedelin disaster was held at Baikonur Consomdrome during working on the Soviet R-16 ICBM.  Prototype of the missile exploded on that place which destroys all the machinery on that spot along with most intelligent engineers and workers were dead. More than 150 people were dead in this deadly disaster.

Apollo 1, January 27, 1967

Apollo 1, January 27, 1967 Disaster

It is the big disaster and historical in the records of NASA. In this strange accident the virgil Gus Grissom, Edward H. White and Roger B. Chafee pilots of USA were killed. They were doing their training after fire started in the Apollo command module.

The reason of that fire didn’t discovered still now. Apollo was opened inside only so that was the people who were standing outside couldn’t help that crustal time. Experts of NASA could only view what was going on in the craft; they couldn’t open the craft from outside.

Gemini 9, February 28, 1966

Gemini 9, February 28, 1966

Gemini 9 craft was crashed during training period. The pilots of this craft were Elliot See and Charles Bassett from USA.
They wanted to land the craft on MO airport but they were failed to that attempt. Both pilots were died in that dangerous crash.

Soyuz 1, April 24, 1967

Soyuz 1 - April 24, 1967

It was the first space mission that has failed in the history. Vladimir Komarow was killed from Russia in the crash of Soyuz 1.
The mission was failed because failing of solar panel. The solar system didn’t supply the power to the space craft.

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