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Monash University Scholarships for Pakistani and other International Students.

About Monash University international scholarships:

Monash University is one of the most well renowned universities of Australia the university offers different scholarships for brilliant and outstanding students who are interested in doing their Bachelors and masters study from an international university. The titles of scholarships are as follow:

  • Monash University International excellence scholarships.
  • Monash University International Leadership Scholarships.
  • Monash University International Merit Scholarship.

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Hungarian Government Scholarships for Pakistani & International Students

About Hungarian Government Scholarship Program

The Hungarian Ministry of Education and Culture through the Hungarian scholarship Board office (HSB) is offering the scholarship award for the International students, lecturers and the research fellows who wish to pursue their research expertise in Hungarian Universities and higher education institutions for research. There are two systems through which this Hungarian Government scholarship can be applied:


Scholarships for Pakistani Students

If you need scholarships for Pakistani Students, you can visit,


Scholarships for Pakistani Students

Online toy store in India providing childhood friends

Hello guys! I have been out of my blog for nearly a year. I still not had any plan to come back to it but yesterday a few things captured my attention to an extent that they forced me to come back to you and tell you something about them. First of them was brilliant thing that is going on in India, a country full of traditions, cultures and no doubt one of the most spectacular nations in the World. So, what made me to come here was an online toy store In India.

Securing its place as one of the biggest online toy stores in India, Hoopos work with an ambition to make Indian children learn and play together while building their personality in an excellently stuffed, plastic and rubber toys. An online friends of kids, Hoopos, understand that the toys can make children see the world around them in a better way. Online toy store has provided a wide range of toys to meet the requirements of every age. With free delivery system, cash on delivery and 7 days return guarantee, Online toy store in India offers more than 350 brands and above 20,000 products in a single platform.  It is something that is not usually related with toy stores that often sell from 5000 to 8000 toys maximum.

However, things do not end with that, website also has a complete range of toys from 3 years to 11 years children. You can easily choose a toy according to the age of your child, price you want to spent, brand you want and according to the date of birth of your child (I believe you have knowledge about Indian astrologers). Two most popular sections of the website are science toys and toy teddy. Off course, toy teddy is something that every child accepts as his/her childhood friends. But if you go with their science toys, I will not feel any issue in making a claim that they are of the type that not only a child but also an adult can enjoy with them.

So, I believe if you are in India and you have never visited an online toy store, you should start it visiting that store. I wish I were in India, it would have been easy for me to make my angry child smile with a surprise gift from that online toy store.

How to Get New Zealand Tourist Visit Visa from Ottawa

Newzealand-Visa-One Click WondersNew Zealand not only operates its High Commission in Ottawa but it also provides its representative offices in Toronto and Vancouver. The basic function of the High Commission is to provide support to its those nationals visiting Canada however it also offers assistance in visa applications to all those tourists who want to see the spectacular views and magnificent scenarios in New Zealand. However, it is an important thing to understand the basic prerequisites and other obligatory conditions before moving towards making an application.

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How to Get Swaziland Tourist Visit Visa from Ottawa

Step by Step How to Get Swaziland Tourist Visit Visa from Ottawa

Swaziland is an African country residing in the Southern corner of the continent and displays wonderful locations and amazing scenarios that serve as a prime magnet for a large number of tourists ever year. A highly popular area among Africa lovers exhibits Mkhaya Endangered Species, National Museum, Ngwenya Glass, White Water Rafting and many other attractions that has been a main source of attraction also for the Canadian citizens. Swaziland High Commission in Ottawa realise this demand and has made the procedure to get tourist visit visa easy and straight forward. Applicant need to meet the requirements, apply and wait for only three to four days before they are legally eligible to enter the amazing country….

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