Heaviest Land Animals

Top 10 Heaviest Land Animals On The Earth

1. African Elephant

Average Mass (lb): 18,500 (8500 kg)
Maximum Mass (lb): 27,000 (13000 kg)
Average Length (ft): 21.85

The heaviest terrestrial animals found on earth can be measured using a variety of methods. It could be defined as the largest by volume, mass, height, or length. The following is a list of top ten heaviest land animals of the world. The walrus is included as it spends much of its time on land.



2. Asian Elephant

Average Mass (lb): 8,750 (4200 kg)
Maximum Mass (lb): 11,000 (5200 kg)
Average Length (ft): 19.5

3. White Rhinoceros

Average Mass (lb): 5,000 (2350 kg)
Maximum Mass (lb): 7,920 (3850 kg)
Average Length (ft): 12.5

4. Hippopotamus

Average Mass (lb): 5,250 (2500 kg)
Maximum Mass (lb): 7,100 (3400 kg)
Average Length (ft): 11

5. Gaur

Average Mass (lb): 3,300 (1600 kg)
Maximum Mass (lb): Unknown
Average Length (ft): 9.8

6. Giraffe

Average Mass (lb): 3,000 (1400 kg)
Maximum Mass (lb): 4,400 (2100 kg)
Average Length (ft): 15.4

7. Walrus

Average Mass (lb): 2,645 (1200 kg)
Maximum Mass (lb): 4,500 (2150 kg)
Average Length (ft): 11

8. Black Rhinoceros

Average Mass (lb): 2,420 (1150 kg)
Maximum Mass (lb): 4,000 (1900 kg)
Average Length (ft): 11.25

9. Saltwater crocodile

Average Mass (lb): 1,700 (785 kg)
Maximum Mass (lb): 3,300 (1600 kg)
Average Length (ft): 20

10. Wild Asian Water buffalo

Average Mass (lb): 1,684 (770 kg)
Maximum Mass (lb): 2,640 (1250 kg)
Average Length (ft): 11.4

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