The Most Expensive Cities In the World

The Most Expensive Cities In the World

The Most Expensive Cities In the World

Think that $7 beer at a Sydney bar is expensive? Be glad you don’t live in Tokyo–the same bottle of beer will set you back more than $10 (and that’s excluding tip).

ECA International recently came out with its semiannual cost of living survey, which compares the cost of a basket of consumer goods and services in over 400 places worldwide.

The survey is most commonly used by multinational companies to calculate salaries for employees sent abroad. But prices also provide a fascinating glimpse into what people pay to live in cities around the world, and where everyday expenses are highest.

Several Australian cities feature on the list. All figures are based on A$1 being equal to US$1.

#20 Paris, France

#20 Paris, France

Ranked #24 in 2010

Movie tickets: $16.59

Quick lunch: $31.62

A can of soda $1.31

A dozen eggs: $6.13

Beer at a bar: $11.00

#19 Stockholm, Sweden

#19 Stockholm, Sweden

Ranked #27 in 2010

Movie tickets: $16.28

Quick lunch: $16.17

A can of soda $1.90

A dozen eggs: $4.83

Beer at a bar: $10.20

#18 Libreville, Gabon

#18 Libreville, Gabon

Ranked #17 in 2010

Movie tickets: n/a

Quick lunch: $34.08

A can of soda $1.31

A dozen eggs: $3.11

Beer at a bar: $8.07

#17 Canberra, Australia

#17 Canberra, Australia

Ranked #23 in 2010

Movie tickets: $17.78

Quick lunch: $30.45

A can of soda $2.63

A dozen eggs: $6.23

Beer at a bar: $7.83

#16 Moscow, Russia

#16 Moscow, Russia

Ranked #14 in 2010

Movie tickets: $13.08

Quick lunch: $28.75

A can of soda $1.55

A dozen eggs: $3.22

Beer at a bar: $10.16

#15 Sydney, Australia

#15 Sydney, Australia

Ranked #23 in 2010

Movie tickets: $19.84

Quick lunch: $29.10

A can of soda $2.78

A dozen eggs: $5.63

Beer at a bar: $7.26

#14 Helsinki, Finland

#14 Helsinki, Finland

Ranked #15 in 2010

Movie tickets: $17.19

Quick lunch: $26.69

A can of soda $2.39

A dozen eggs: $4.44

Beer at a bar: $8.38

#13 Caracas, Venezuela

#13 Caracas, Venezuela

Ranked #16 in 2010

Movie tickets: $12.17

Quick lunch: $31.83

A can of soda $2.29

A dozen eggs: $3.19

Beer at a bar: $9.95

#12 Copenhagen, Denmark

#12 Copenhagen, Denmark

Ranked #12 in 2010

Movie tickets: $16.59

Quick lunch: $39.21

A can of soda $2.57

A dozen eggs: $7.02

Beer at a bar: $9.62

#11 Luanda, Angola

#11 Luanda, Angola

Ranked #2 in 2010

Movie tickets: $14.56

Quick lunch: $55.33

A can of soda $1.23

A dozen eggs: $5.42

Beer at a bar: $6.8

#10 Kobe, Japan

#10 Kobe, Japan

Ranked #5 in 2010

Movie tickets: $23.49

Quick lunch: $18.12

A can of soda $1.59

A dozen eggs: $3.29

Beer at a bar: $9.79

#9 Basel, Switzerland

#9 Basel, Switzerland

Ranked #11 in 2010

Movie tickets: $20.94

Quick lunch: $31.50

A can of soda $1.44

A dozen eggs: $9.04

Beer at a bar: $10.78

#8 Stavanger, Norway

#8 Stavanger, Norway

Ranked #9 in 2010

Movie tickets: $17.83

Quick lunch: $32.72

A can of soda $3.24

A dozen eggs: $8.50

Beer at a bar: $13.76

#7 Bern, Switzerland

#7 Bern, Switzerland

Ranked #10 in 2010

Movie tickets: $19.69

Quick lunch: $28.66

A can of soda $1.32

A dozen eggs: $9.25

Beer at a bar: $8.44

#6 Yokohama, Japan

#6 Yokohama, Japan

Ranked #4 in 2010

Movie tickets: $23.37

Quick lunch: $19.36

A can of soda $1.41

A dozen eggs: $2.77

Beer at a bar: $7.41

#5 Zurich, Switzerland

#5 Zurich, Switzerland

Ranked #7 in 2010

Movie tickets: $21.23

Quick lunch: $35.77

A can of soda $1.31

A dozen eggs: $8.20

Beer at a bar: $10.79

#4 Nagoya, Japan

#4 Nagoya, Japan

Ranked #3 in 2010

Movie tickets: $23.56

Quick lunch: $20.38

A can of soda $1.58

A dozen eggs: $3.87

Beer at a bar: $12.22

#3 Geneva, Switzerland

#3 Geneva, Switzerland

Ranked #8 in 2010

Movie tickets: $20.94

Quick lunch: $38.89

A can of soda $1.46

A dozen eggs: $9.62

Beer at a bar: $10.58

#2 Oslo, Norway

#2 Oslo, Norway

Ranked #6 in 2010

Movie tickets: $19.36

Quick lunch: $46.13

A can of soda $3.01

A dozen eggs: $8.68

Beer at a bar: $14.37

#1 Tokyo, Japan

#1 Tokyo, Japan

Ranked #1 in 2010

Movie tickets: $24.86

Quick lunch: $21.05

A can of soda $1.91

A dozen eggs: $5.38

Beer at a bar: $10.56

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  5. yes i agree. these are most expensive cities in world. I am living in Sweden, My city is nearby Copenhagen and the Stockholm is capital of i know about these. And which city i am living this is also expensive.

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